When visiting London you might want to try…

I am starting a list of things to do and websites to visit to help with your trip to London. Or more likely for me when I return. I am on my way to Istanbul and Paris before I head back to the States for a couple of months. PORTRAIT BENCHES – Traveling outside the […]

Pork and the crazy of our president

So a couple of days ago these things were in the news… Like many of her fellow experts in pandemic response, Rivers has watched with growing dismay as the Trump administration and its governor outriders have missed multiple opportunities to contain the virus. – from the guardian.. another, and very well written examination of the […]

Is there a future for the Republican Party.

When trump was elected and it became clear who and what he was (clearer?) I hoped perhaps a new Republican Party would emerge. one of social liberalism, fiscal conservatism. Now I find myself hoping for a discussion about Gross Domestic Happiness as opposed to GDP… Last night I went to bed wanting a really good […]

I frosted the cinnamon bundt and enjoyed a bit of art

Well, I have been in the house about 140 days and I cannot really remember what it was like to get up every day and head out on an adventure. I once went to galleries and museums and tracked down interesting outdoor art regularly. Now I watch a bit of Frick or Barnes on YouTube […]

it is what it is, and at my house its cake

As the president says..”it is what it is”. republicans finally see they are doomed…. I sure hope so. And I made an outrageously delicious cake. I was watching food 52 and Erin was talking about a cake that uses no butter or oil, just cream and eggs.. a picture flashed on the screen and I […]

2 videos

Is anyone else willing there days with nothing and wonderful. I am struggling to make sense of this new life. I certainly have time to do all the things I have wanted to do. I have endless hours in which to read, as we all know I now bake and have added to my repertoire […]

Gotta Love AOC & Cinnamon Bundt Cake

“Having a daughter does not make a man decent. Having a wife does not make a decent man. Treating people with dignity and respect makes a decent man.” read all about it! This is part of what AOC had to say today. You Go Girl! I replayed it as I made a Bundt cake. My […]

Chocolate cake and A Wall of Mom’s in Seattle…

Portland’s Wall of Moms, Black Lives Matter and the Don’t Shoot protest groups filed a lawsuit Monday against the U.S. Justice and Homeland Security departments, arguing that federal officers are using excessive violence and violating protesters’ constitutional rights. Military-style squads dispatched to the city by the Trump administration are trampling protesters’ right to free speech by overstepping their […]

King Arthur Brownies and a full day

And when I say a full day I mean I made lunch, and dinner, and brownies, I ran 2 loads of dishes, washed 10 pots/bowls/ who knows what. there were Chinese Fish Sauce chicken wings which were amazing, as always. Just lay them out on a try, let them sit in stinky fish sauce for […]

Portugese Salami Cake and 117,000 dead Americans

When we were in portugal I loved this chocolate cookie thing that I got at the bakery below the apartment we rented in Lisbon. And then, there it was, staring at me asa I searched out recipes for soemthing sweet to make so I could play with all the new baking toys. I had a […]