When visiting London you might want to try…

I am starting a list of things to do and websites to visit to help with your trip to London. Or more likely for me when I return. I am on my way to Istanbul and Paris before I head back to the States for a couple of months. PORTRAIT BENCHES – Traveling outside the […]

Opinion The National Humiliation We Need July 4 and America’s crisis of the spirit. By David Brooks Opinion Columnist July 2, 2020 We Americans enter the July 4 weekend of 2020 humiliated as almost never before. We had one collective project this year and that was to crush Covid-19, and we failed. On Wednesday, we had […]


There is this funny boy who has a YouTube channel, his name is David Seymore and he is adorable. This lead me to the Tasty website for the brownie recipe and their Youtube channel. And I am hooked. On both. I used my curly Brownie pan which makes lots of edge, and with a heavy […]


Yum.. the first of two recipes I am committed to trying. These from Preppy Kitchen made 24 cookies. and we popped some in the freezer so when I try a second version we can do a side by side comparison. And … yes, its worse today than yesterday…

Thai Basil Chicken & The Lawless Law and Order President

With Basil from our garden. Equal parts Sweet Dark Soy and Oyster sauce, and a bit less fish sauce, 1/2 as much regular soy, 4 crushed cloves garlic, hot peppers, 2-3 shallots sliced thin. Start shallots, add chicken ( cut to almost ground) add 1/2 sauce til chicken is brown. Stir in peppers and garlic, […]

Corn Soup Again

Trumps Lie of Empty Cupboard exposed, From the HuffPost A bit on the culture war and Mask Shaming. This time I added bacon to the mix. I sautéed the bacon in with the leeks. I think this was a mistake. Although it smelled amazing! Next time going to do the bacon, remove it, sauté the […]


Washington Post… Revenge of mask wearing Americans On the 67th day in Lockdown we made tuna. A dry piece of cold Tuna into a hot pan with a bit of Peanut Oil. Sear all sides… Remove from pan, add in a shallot finely chopped… allow to almost brown… 3 or 4 TBSP each of Mirin […]