JACOBS PILLOW, Berkshire Gardens

I will pat myself on the back for this wonderful and well planned day, but will also thank the heavens that we missed the rain and sat in the shade. We headed out at noon towards the Lost Lamb Bakery in Stockbridge. Located on the main drag in the middle of town we got our […]

Rhinebeck Farmers Market

Lunch, or perhaps we can call it Brunch at The Amsterdam in Rhinebeck. We had what we always have, a croque and eggs and as always, they were ok. We walked through town and wandered the farmers market. I fell in love with a cutting board, brought home some fish and got ourselves a brownie […]

ART OMI, Ghent, Chatham

Lunch, always fall back on Chinese and so in a little house in Catskill we had a standard lunch at Chopsticks. A great drive on a gorgeous overcast day. There wasn’t much to see in Ghent but we did get out and walk through Chatham. Just a block long but pretty and some great chocolate […]

Hyde Park

I cannot fathom what it must have been like to live in such a secluded and beautiful place with views across the river and tree covered hills in the background. Though the buildings were closed and it was a sunny 88 degrees we did walk a bit on the grounds and around the house. There […]

New Platz, Unison, Dorsky, etc

After the most disappointing lunch at Stone House Tavern we had a wonderful and interesting afternoon. And of course, a bite of something sweet I really had tried to some research on a place for lunch down in the New Platz area but so many places were closed that we were left with a coin […]


Just as wonderful as you can envision. At least on day 2. We are staying with 3 sweet cats and a few deer in the yard. The drive in from the city was mostly highway interrupted at points by a view of a hill or a mountain. As we do, we immediately set out to […]

Kaaterskill Falls

I didn’t make it. I tried. But was defeated by the thought that I would have to climb back up all I had climbed down. The last 30 steps were just too much. It was a great day anyway. The coolest day with just a bit of moisture in the air we drove up through […]


Emmanuel Ax, lovely people, gorgeous clear night. We got so lucky. It has been hot and rainy for what seems like forever and it all broke for this fabulous evening of calm and pretty.


Lunch at the Dutch where we had a great onion soup and a perfect pretzel but mediocre or worse ribs, just not enough meat and not so much flavor. The town of Saugerties was lovely to walk. All sorts of shops and restaurants to poke into and decorated with butterflies. We stopped in at Violets […]