It was a hunter gatherer day. I had no motivation but to get a good salami and some salad. perhaps we could also get something sweet. So we ran around to store after store, finding nothing satisfactory until we would up at Loyalist market. It was near Matthews, an entirely new part of town for […]

Linville Falls Views

Back up to the Mountains but first a stop at Ashworth’s Cookies. He does his own take on Levain and they are really good, almost overpowering. The leaves are trying to turn and the weather is starting to cool. and as with so many roads in these rural areas there were churches. We have seen […]

Saturday in Charlotte

A few days ago as we searched for bakeries to visit we can across Angelika’s. A bit of research and for whatever reason we put it on the list and waited for today. It had gotten great reviews as a Swiss Bakery. Located inside the Mecklenburg County Market / Beverly’s Gourmet Food shop we went […]

Driving to the falls

Wandering almost anywhere in North Carolina it seems you will come upon a marked path, a historical marker, or a trail . Painted on the streets of LIncolnton were markers for one. From Carolina Thread Trail“The Carolina Thread Trail is a regional network of trails that connect 2.9 million people in 15 counties in North […]

To get a loom in Glades Valley

Somewhere in all of this I decided to learn to weave. Through this desire I found myself on Facebook, not a place I am familiar with. There are a number of forums for weavers and a few with looms for sale so after a reach out I found Lauren about 2 hours away with a […]

Amelie’s of Charlotte (times 2? times 3?)

If you read this blog you will know that we love two things beyond all else, even a good waterfall. We love a bakery and we love a side by side so this afternoon we took off to see how The Amelie Bakeries, once with 4 Charlotte locations, stand up against each other . So […]


Having never thought of Charleston until a month ago, when we decided to stop here on our way to Charlotte, I had no idea what to expect. A small city, comparable to Durham maybe. But thats not what we found when we drove in this morning. From our place on Johns Island we crossed a […]

Charlotte Wanderings

Over the course of the last 10 days we have driven from Uptown to the Myers Park area a half a dozen times. The first was a failed attempt at a Bakery, the second was for Reids market, the third and fourth were for Blackhawk Hardware and today we were back for a walk on […]

Hilton Head

So lost in not knowing what to do we headed to Caramel Cake from Charlie’s without checking if it was open and of course, we arrived at 2:30. They close from 2 until 5 so either we drive two hours back or entertain ourselves on Hilton Head for 3 hours.. hungry. A bit of googling […]