Paris – Day 2 – CAR FREE

A pillow, I needed a pillow, so we got to go shopping —- into a nearby department store we went. Le BHV- it was easy to find soemone who wanted to practice English and we walked out with a few hand towels and ( as I write this the next day – a fabulous pillow […]

PARIS – Day 1. White Nights

We arrived on the Eurostar in no time at all from London and were settled into our dorm room of an airbnb by 1 pm. Great location but really, a five star at an Airbnb is now meaningless to me. Remember- bring soap, hand towels, dishtowels, a few trash bags and a good attitude because […]


As I am in a must have Chinese food week I headed out today towards Aldgate , my newest favorite place to go. Also I needed to go to the bank so dumplings at Xi’an BIANG BIANG seemed right. The place was full, it’s big open windows looked clean so in I went. Though I […]


THE BEST AND MOST FUN SWEET TREAT!!! Yes, This is it. Twisted Treat…. The display they set up at the Brick Lane Market this past Sunday was so tempting we immediately selected and gobbled down caramel cookie topped by an assortment of sweets.

Ba Shu Fang Chinese Restaurant

Chinese take-out. I am on a serious I-need-chinese-food kick. Yesterday it was a little place downtime street, today I ordered in. Lovely choices and pretty good food. The Siu Mai were good as were the Car Gror which I think are shrimp dumplings. The Broccoli with Garlic was fresh and with a soft nice flavor. […]

Gordon Ramsey Should be Ashamed

Not that our meal isn’t edible and that y pasta wasn’t actually good but the prices were very high considering that the feel of the place was beachside teenage unkept. The bathroom was the worst I have seen in 5 months in London and the service left plenty to be desired. The caesar salad was […]


I am not sure how I feel about Spitalfields. It is my local market hall and I pop in here frequently and it doesn’t often make an impression. I have tried a few things in the food hall, done a bit of shopping at Flying Tiger which is as close to a Target as I […]

Aldgate and Proscuitto

A quick walk from Brick Lane we headed to Bellavita Italian Deli for some Prosciutto etc. It was a slow cool walk and I had no expectation to see anything great but I think I really liked the neighborhood as a place to live. There is a Curzon Cinema, a number of promising looking restaurants, […]