I love this place. We had breakfast here this morning and though the service was slow the breakfast was good and the place lovely to be in on a cool summer morning. Some of us thought the sausage was too bready, others thought it weird that they cooked two slices of bacon together so they […]

Tokyo Diner

In Chinatown which I will try to remember is adjacent to Leicester Square we went for sushi. Sustainable sushi so no tuna and not much variety of anything else. It was fine for an after theatre bite if you are in the area and must have sushi which my kids felt they had to do. […]

Bitter Wheat

Starring John Malkovich at the Garrick Theatre. I am a fan of Malkovich but had heard not good things about the show so rather than buying the best seats in the house I went for discounted seats with a pole in my view. And it turns out the pole didn’t bother me at all. We […]

Lunch at Lyles In Shoreditch

I am not a big fan of sheshe restaurants but I have to admit the food at Lyles was exceptional. They offer a changing menu and by the time we arrived at two were out of half the items. Even at that time the restaurant was crowded and we were lucky to get the last […]

Brick Lane and Butter Believe It

Butter Believe It is one of those bakeries I have been passing since day 1. Saving it for a day when I wasn’t going to travel far, and today was it. I walked over in the afternoon tempted by a few things inside Spitalfelds but resisted and walked outside and across the street to this […]

Camden Market and Locks

The locks were great, the food fun, the market interesting, but may not return. Camden just seemed completely set up to take a tourists money. I was pleased with the market and got myself a new backpack. If you go be sure to head for the locks, take a look, then cross over to where […]