When visiting London you might want to try…

I am starting a list of things to do and websites to visit to help with your trip to London. Or more likely for me when I return. I am on my way to Istanbul and Paris before I head back to the States for a couple of months. PORTRAIT BENCHES – Traveling outside the […]

2 videos

Is anyone else willing there days with nothing and wonderful. I am struggling to make sense of this new life. I certainly have time to do all the things I have wanted to do. I have endless hours in which to read, as we all know I now bake and have added to my repertoire […]

Gotta Love AOC & Cinnamon Bundt Cake

“Having a daughter does not make a man decent. Having a wife does not make a decent man. Treating people with dignity and respect makes a decent man.” read all about it! This is part of what AOC had to say today. You Go Girl! I replayed it as I made a Bundt cake. My […]

Chocolate cake and A Wall of Mom’s in Seattle…

Portland’s Wall of Moms, Black Lives Matter and the Don’t Shoot protest groups filed a lawsuit Monday against the U.S. Justice and Homeland Security departments, arguing that federal officers are using excessive violence and violating protesters’ constitutional rights. Military-style squads dispatched to the city by the Trump administration are trampling protesters’ right to free speech by overstepping their […]

King Arthur Brownies and a full day

And when I say a full day I mean I made lunch, and dinner, and brownies, I ran 2 loads of dishes, washed 10 pots/bowls/ who knows what. there were Chinese Fish Sauce chicken wings which were amazing, as always. Just lay them out on a try, let them sit in stinky fish sauce for […]

Portugese Salami Cake and 117,000 dead Americans

When we were in portugal I loved this chocolate cookie thing that I got at the bakery below the apartment we rented in Lisbon. And then, there it was, staring at me asa I searched out recipes for soemthing sweet to make so I could play with all the new baking toys. I had a […]

Chinese Meatballs and don’t blame The Who or the Jews

Well, its catch up day and I am going back to April 6. Since about then I have been doom scrolling, my new word.. and was my life. But today I thought I woudl look back, catch up and add in some more recipes. I read my first mystery in years, Camino Winds and loved […]

Bad Brownies and trumps storm troopers in Portland?

I have been having a Brownie craving.. very serious. A need for chocolate, a bit fudgish and rich with walnuts. I made some wonderful brownies last week using a recipe from Tasty and wanted now to try one from The Preppy Kitchen but with my internet spotty I wound up with a recipe from Honeysuckle. […]

the frye festival of pandemic responses

the frye festival of pandemic responses And we have started shopping… wonderful things I didn’t know I needed… A large electric skillet. I started out with the fancy pretty All Clad and found that it didn’t hold a temperature so I moved over to the top rated Presto and I love it. I use it […]

Lydias Meat Loaf

The one thing I remember my mom stressing when making the meat loaf is not to overwork the meat, if you do she said, it will get hard. I use ground chuck because of its high fat content. Mix 2 pounds ground chuck with a cup of crushed saltines 1/2 cup grated parmesan – from […]