When visiting London you might want to try…

I am starting a list of things to do and websites to visit to help with your trip to London. Or more likely for me when I return. I am on my way to Istanbul and Paris before I head back to the States for a couple of months. PORTRAIT BENCHES – Traveling outside the […]

To Kill a Mockingbird

I passed on tickets when it came to Broadway a few months back starring Jeff Daniels and I have passed on it during another visit or two, but this week a friend pushed so I got myself a cheap seat on the side and went to see Ed Harris star as Aticus Finch. Well, 30 […]

Favorite Ballet -Belles-Lettres & three others

After 4 nights at NYCB and one wonderful evening in London I find I finally really have a few favorites. This Belles-Lettres from JustinPeck was all things rolled into one bit of perfection. Beautiful music, fabulous choreography and wonderful costumes. I could have watched it for hours, it never let up, never a weak spot, […]


I sure do hope my friend who wrote this doesn’t mind my sharing… HOW MANY TIMES CAN A MAN TURN HIS HEAD? February 2, 2020inkstainedwretch1951UncategorizedLeave a comment If the Republicans were as grand as their old party name implies, they’d pay attention to history. If they did, they’d know there’s a power greater than Donald […]

Met Breuer – 2 collections

On my way I saw this And I wondered who put that there and why. Then lunch and onto the met Breuer and I ask myself who thought this was art, and why? The first exhibit was one I was looking forward to. The write up seemed to indicate that they were pairing recent acquisitions […]

Goldman Gallery & Grolier Club

Such a lovely day and back in NYC. After a morning of errands I found myself looking up at the Hermes store. At first I didn’t know what it was, I just knew that I wished I could get to the top. So, I followed a stream of people inside and wow. Really beautiful. With […]

The Poutinerie

Lunch on the street at Brick Lane Sunday Market. And a name to know. Super delicious with super hot hot sauce. And a pulled pork on top!

St. Albans!!! The Pudding Stop & all the restaurants

So many things about the UK are different and so many words we assume we know that we don’t. Last week I learned that curry is the generic term to describe all Indian food, uh, no. It was while we were having dinner at the Taste of Raj in Southgate that I finally figured it […]

Kew Gardens at Christmas time & Petite Coree

I have meant to go to Kew a few times this past year when the weather has been right knowing it would be a big walk around and I was right. We lucked out that the night we got there the air was cold but not freezing, the weather was dry and there was no […]