Huevos Estrellados

I had this in a restaurant once and it was perfect.  I went back and they had used precut potatoes.  It was a bad move.  Ive dreamed about this dish and searched for a recipe until i finally had to make it up myself.

I even make some of it ahead.

In a hot pan fry bite sized pieces of bacon, or chorizo , or a sausage until they are crisp.

Bake or boil any potato until it is soft and a fork inserted comes out dirty. Peel, and break apart with a fork leaving the edges jaggedy.

Brown two onions over medium heat. Sliced very very thin.

Toss small potatoes chinks into the bacon fat ( after removing the bacon and setting it aside.)   brown slowly, turning frequently.

Put the potatoes, then bacon, then onions in a bowl

Fry an egg over easy, put in on top of the other ingredients to serve.

Cut the egg into the potato, onion and sausage.  salt to taste.

trust me, everything browned, everything flavorful, all brought together in the egg.  YUM!!!

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