Il Gabbiano

Downtown.  And wonderful.  A top notch Italian restaurant where you can often be treated like gold.  Though just as often the snob factor and see and be seen atmosphere can dampen the evening.  But you won’t get better food. you jus wont.  


what an incredible disappointment.  Perfectly situated in the grove with a comfortable seating arrangement and a good location.  But the food really went good.  No promise, no need to ever go again.

Lola’s Gourmet

I really wanted to go to Lola’s.  I saw it out my car window near 8th street and red road and thought there was something about it.  I was right. Sort of Spanish, Sort of Rustic, sort of Familyish the food was good.  I am still not certain what to order because I know we […]


I have eaten here a few times and yeah, its good enough, but i never get that urge to go back.  So, i order the Basil Duck to go and I’m happy.