Cultivate Positive Emotions

You can learn to get rid of the negativity, or at least to get it under control. This from a recent article in The New York Times It’s a simple concept: we construct our internal reality – our experience of the world — in large part by where we put our attention. More often than […]

The Promise –

If you, like I , enjoy foreign films, and are accustomed to reading subtitles, use this skill in this movie.  Tho the subject is a good one, the Armenian genocide, the dialogue and complete lack of acting ability on the part of two of the three leads makes it almost impossible not to walk out of […]

Truman I loved it,  It is the reason I go to films, foreign films.  It was about something, something human. It was a slice of life that made me think. What do you do when you know you are going to die.  What do you do with Truman, your dog?


   If you join the NYC BALLET For $100 you are entitled to 4 attend four rehearsals throughout the year. BEST DEAL IN TOWN!  I love to walk in Central Park.  One of these days I’m going to take advantage of the Central Park Conservatory and their  CENTRAL PARK TOURS  For years we have been watching Pale Male there. […]

Chinese Meatballs

My mom made this all the time when i was growing up.  We all loved the Chinese flavor and i think this was cheap and easy.  served with white rice and you have dinner.


Why I am not a regular here I don’t know.  I have eaten here twice, its in the neighborhood, the price is right, the place is comfortable and the food really is very good. A step up Italian eatery with a varied menu…the chicken viola was unique, delicious and there was a big enough portion […]