ELLA’S Oyster Bar

1615 SW 8th Street.   Opening Night

Tonight I’m upgrading the blog, wish me luck.  I’m going to try for photos in real time.

Here at Ella’s Everything was stupendous!  Thats the best recommendation you are going  to get from me.


I have noticed that I love going to new places and each time I am thrilled.  A new neighborhood, a great menu, fun, different.  But this was special.  Though it was a bit loud for my taste the menu was full of things we wanted to try and everything we saw looked wonderful and everything we tasted was super.  I’m guessing you can’t go wrong here

The menu was amazing with so many things we wanted to try.    It’s hard because it’s Wednesday night so we only get this one chance.  Having a policy of never repeating a place together – Of course that leaves us free to go with others.
Do you get fried chicken and pancakes or diver scallops.  An oyster po boy or roasted bone in short rib?   Brussels sprouts, asparagus or crisp Chinese broccoli?

DELICIOUS FRIES!!! And may be some of the best I can remember.  Sweet and crisp outer and potatoes tasty goodness inside.  Covered in herbs and brought hot to the table…

Szechuan fish!  Just a bit of spice in what I assume were onions hidden below the surface,  As you can see presentation was great as was taste.

Kale Ceasar … We started to dig in before we took our photo… crisp shredded Kale topped with just the right amount of dressing.  Big enough for three.

I love an open kitchen, and the owner standing to the right.  He has an amazing resume none of which I can remember except he and his partner started together at China Grill on the Beach.

Dinner for two with 2 delicious specialty mojitos, a sale, a shared main course and 2 extra sides ran about $70.

After dinner we walked Calle Ocho and realized it just might be the most up and coming place for new places to eat so expect to see more.


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