Marie Belle Chocolate

484 Broome Street

Screenshot 2017-05-27 14.16.13

And Its all about the box.  The chocolate are very good and really beautiful, but you actually need to pay for that box.  The place has rules.  They will sell you a maximum of 2 chocolates at $2.50 apiece,  If you want more,  You  need to buy the box.  At Marie Belle the box is the “concept”.

Do the Math.. 4 chocolates at $2.50 each cost $10. But if you want to buy 4 Chocolate you will need to purchase a box of 4 for $20.

Needless to say this did not sit well with me and after speaking to the young manager who refused to give me his name, nor did he seem to know the words “I’m very sorry” , I  eventually walked out with a free $45 box of chocolates.    Don’t ask.  And yes, that would be $40 worth of chocolate and a $5 box!   I will go back, to try the hot chocolate.  I hear it is great… I may bring back my box and see what they do?  hehehehehe

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