Li-Lac Chocolate

When I got off the train in the village heading for lunch I wasn’t even thinking chocolate shoppes.. and there it was, beckoning from across the street. “Laura, come’s me Li-Lac Chocolate”  And so what choice did I have.  Two boxes later – smores, pretzels, truffles and some nougat bar.   I am still […]

Kayser Brownies

Columbus Circle. And other locations I believe. These were the top rated brownie when I brought them home in June.

Sushi In the Neighborhood

I have seen the Fusha Asian take out menu a dozen times, walked past it even more.Last night I finally went in and found both the pan fried gyoza the sushi to be excellent.  The Cosmo was weak but effective… I would definitely come back.

Cooper Hewitt

What a lovely surprise in every way.  I have never been to The Cooper Hewitt before and now I want to live there.  Located in an a converted mansion on 91st Street, the museum displays the extensive collections of the two Miss Hewitts, granddaughters of industrialist Peter Cooper.  The collection is displayed in a way […]


28 Mott Street. Chinatown The Original. What an amazing treat. Not only ws the duck out of this word but we had good dumplings and string beans from heaven.

Breakfast at

BUVETTE. Croque Madame followed by think, rich, whipped cream covered chocolate mousse.

Royce’s Japanese Chocolate In The Village

The second chocolate shoppe that called out to me was Royces.  Japanese chocolate.  Who’da thunk?  I will think now I tell you.  The milk chocolate bar was amazing.  Melt in your mouth smooth.  I wasn’t so thrilled with the marshmallow chocolates.  The champagne chocolate was pretty good, but the best were the cookie wafers… mmm […]

Come From Away

I was overwhelmed.  I never expected it to be so fun, so happy , so sad, and since i didn’t know the story – so educational.

Dance Dance Dance, Choreography, oh Yeah!!!

Gemma Bond at The Joyce. I hit The Ballet Festival this year.. for me it was three glorious nights of visual excellence. And I would have to say that I enjoyed Gemma Bond as much as I enjoyed Jewels and The new Taming of The Shrew performed by The Bolshoi at Lincoln Center.