Month: July 2017

Li-Lac Chocolate

When I got off the train in the village heading for lunch I wasn’t even thinking chocolate shoppes.. and there it was, beckoning from across the street. “Laura, come’s me Li-Lac Chocolate”  And so what choice did I have.  Two boxes later – smores, pretzels, truffles and […]

Sushi In the Neighborhood

I have seen the Fusha Asian take out menu a dozen times, walked past it even more.Last night I finally went in and found both the pan fried gyoza the sushi to be excellent.  The Cosmo was weak but effective… I would definitely come back.

Cooper Hewitt

What a lovely surprise in every way.  I have never been to The Cooper Hewitt before and now I want to live there.  Located in an a converted mansion on 91st Street, the museum displays the extensive collections of the two Miss Hewitts, granddaughters of industrialist Peter Cooper. […]

Royce’s Japanese Chocolate In The Village

The second chocolate shoppe that called out to me was Royces.  Japanese chocolate.  Who’da thunk?  I will think now I tell you.  The milk chocolate bar was amazing.  Melt in your mouth smooth.  I wasn’t so thrilled with the marshmallow chocolates.  The champagne chocolate was pretty good, but […]