The Hungry Tide

I enjoyed the read… not certain i would recommend it.  But i wouldn’t caution you off either.


OK, i’ll tell you what it is… first let me say that the country fried steak and fish and fried shrimp were as good as we had hoped.. sadly, dessert was not tempting until our lovely server mentioned the cook could throw a blueberry muffin on the grill and serve it up with ice cream.. […]


My first ever visit to Queens was a reaction to a late flight and a craving for BBQ. Butcher Bar  on 30th Avenue answered the call.  They use an amazing sauce, have all sorts of wings and burgers and a nice place to sit outside. After dinner we walked along 30th STreet and Steinway Street. […]

My to do list

I have been scouring websites and blogs and travel info and have compiled a list of places I want to visit and things I want to do and see.  Here it is….

The Joyce Theatre

It seems every week or two something new comes to the Joyce.  I visit every time I come to NY.  With ticket prices in the 50 dollar range I find it very affordable