Park Slope

I knew I wanted to go to Brooklyn.  I wasn’t sure what that meant.  How big is Brooklyn?  Is it all safe?  how do I know what I will find?  Where should I start.

As per usual I started with a google search of the best chocolate shops in brooklyn.  I googled best brownies, best cake, best chocolate.  Within a few minutes I had found The Chocolate Room.  With two locations I figured this would be a safe place to start.

Again , knowing nothing about brooklyn and with a chocolate shop in hand I searched out second hand stores.  Now to my map and I found that the chocolate room on 5th was close to Beacon’s closet.  Now I could begin…

With my citymapper app in hand and google maps on the computer I was able to determine that the 4/5 trains would get me there.  So down I went.

I got off the train at Bergen Street and as I exited the subway I saw in front of me a doughnut shop.  Clearly I was in the correct place.  With a quick turn of the map app and a smile at a young girl passing my way I was soon pointed in the right direction.

I found 5th Avenue and walked.  Five Bakeries, a farmers market, a delicious hamburger later I was headed home feeling the greatest sense of achievement.

I have been to Park Slope.  What next?



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