A Walk to Urbanspace Eating

Yesterday, another walk, another day of finding the unexpected, looking up, enjoying what I see and being happy to walk, and look and eat. I left the house with the intention of another new Library, this day the Grand Central, and then off to Grand Central Station to see the food court I have heard […]

The Best Chocolate

I may have found it.  Neuhaus Chocolate has three shops in the city.  Yesterday on my walk I stumbled across one.  and yay!!!  I am so happy, it was so good.  Gives Li-Lac a run for its money, though they are different stores and different experiences I would call them each best in class, but […]

Meet Up Art In Chelsea

So last week we took a Chelsea Gallery tour that I found on MeetUp.  It always takes me some time to process a day of art.  Why? why is it art?  who says so? what do I think of it?  can i get over the ‘do I want in my home?’ thing and see it […]

Anjappar Chettinad

who can figure out how to say it and who knows what i ate but it was great.  Not liking curry and generally not feeling it for Indian food it was not without trepidation that I sat to order.  After a rough start I settled on Chicken Keema Dosai.  If thats what they brought i […]

Thrift shop heaven

On my way to dinner tonight, which i thought was going to be in Kips Bay but turned out to be a block or two west in ‘little india’ I got off the bus a stop later than i ever had, exiting on 2nd Avenue at 24th Street.  Wanting to make my way over to […]

Kips Bay

When a day is great don’t fight it, and yesterday was one of those days.  I kept looking, kept walking, kept looking up and kept flashing my camera at all that was interesting.  I headed out with the idea to pick up my books from the kips bay Library after having walked towards the east […]

67th street library

Library #3.  And what a treat.  On my way I found a bakery, nothing special but still good… I had been there before and liked the brownie if i recall, Yesterday I tried a bobka- not thrilled. So.. the library.  Just walking up made me happy.  There were a few people outside on the phone, […]

Take Out

Between 66 and 67th streets on second avenue is the mini deli.  On a whim and suffering from ‘what will i eat next’ I popped in to see what I might eat next.  Lots of choices including a faux antipasto bar I settled on spinach and a lemon chicken.  Both scrumptious.  Take out is never […]


Found on my excursion to pick up a book at the 67 street library i couldn’t help but walk into the Padoca Bakery on the corner of 68th and 2nd.  I wasn’t so happy with the bobka today but do remember enjoying the brownie.