Best Meal, best dessert

In Philadelphia for a few days, keeping safe from Hurricane Irma and walking the streets getting familiar with the area. Im curios about union club of Philadelphia , what is it?  As i walked by I was able to look in the street level window and saw a kitchen.  I mean a kitchen, then a kitchen, then a pastry kitchen.  Was this this Union Club or part of a culinary institute.  I must find out.


But i digress.  Tonight I had dinner alone at the bar at Barbuzzo.  Well, not the bar, but a counter in front of the grilling cooktop.  What a show.  And the best meal.  I had a steak, sliced, drenched in mushrooms, potatoes and asparagus, with a green garlic sauce.. heaven.  And dessert, a small pot of chocolate crunch, pudding, caramel… could not have been sweeter or more delicious.

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