“The last great hope for this country is that Republicans and Democrats prove they can work together,” said Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chair Tom Reed. “We’ve locked arms to continue the fight for the American people, their families and their healthcare. Today, we are proud to deliver a set of bipartisan solutions to move health coverage forward so that our fellow Americans can also move ahead with restored hope in their own future and in the ability of Congress to resolve critical issues. We as a Caucus, will continue to work together with bipartisan dignity and commitment to the American people, who deserve stable healthcare and a functional Congress.”

I never heard of them before today.  The Problem Solvers Caucus.  And i cant find out much about them.   Perhaps they are the grown ups we have been waiting for.  Working not for the good of the Party but for the American People.  Compromisers, visionaries, who knows. But we can hope

here are a few links…

from politico 


WikipediaFrom Representative  Ryan Costello

and let’s.  Let’s hope that something good can come from the current low we find ourselves in.

“The voters in my district sent me to Washington to engage in a constructive, deliberative process to address our nation’s challenges. The work of the Problem Solvers Caucus is a first step, showing that when people come together with open minds, ideas and a willingness to work together, progress is indeed possible.” – Rep. Brad Schneider (IL-10)




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