East Village

This could be my third trip to the east village or my eighth. Im still trying to figure it out. Seems there is this area I keep returning to at about 2nd avenue and 14th street. Walk a bit south and maybe a drop west and you get to the Angelika Theatre at 18 Houston. Get off the bus at 2nd and 13th and walk three blocks and you get to the Library. ( New goal: visit every branch in the city). Wander a bit and look up and you see pretty buildings, look around and there is a cobblestone street. Unexpectedly turn and there is a street fair celebrating the Italian holiday of San Gennaro.   All this and more as I explored yesterday.


As part of my three year program to discover New York and make sense of the neighborhoods I went out with just two goals and many hours yeaterday.  To see Polina at tHe angelika and return Soy Sauce for Beginners to a new library branch.




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