Ahhh, another day without a visit to the Socrates Sculpture Garden, and what a lovely day it turned out to be.
I was in the mood for views, and cliffs and a little walk amongst the trees.  Getting an early start we stopped in the afternoon at Rockefeller Landing along the Pallisades Highway.. Looking back on NY we watched trains, and boats, and bridges and planes… open sky, beautiful weather and fabulous company.
We continued top down, wind blowing to State Line Park where we ran into a group of hawk watchers- making the count for the southern migration.  Chatting up a counter we were directed to lunch at COSTELLA in PIERMONT.
Our lunch was passable, the fries excellent, the margarita strong and cold.  Continuing on our way next up was Bear Mountain.  Im not sure why people go but there is a lovely little lake to paddle boat, a lode where a young couple was being married, and has on the chimney.  Before leaving we took the car to the top and watched as a cloud rolled in, the sun began to set and the newlyweds spent the second hour of married life like they had the first, being photographed, a there guest lingered pointlessly.
Driving home we stopped again at the Rockefeller lookout to view the city lights.  We saw our building (turns out to be 432 Park) and felt full of joy.

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