socrates Sculpture Park?  no, not agin.. but Noodles for lunch at Hide Chan.  Brads first Ramen.. I don’t believe him but what am I to do.. how can someone not have ever eaten ramen.  We did the spicy, along with the delectable Edamame in garlic and butter, and dumplings – the dumpling were a mistake.  We had trouble finding the place so engrossed were we with the asian place next door and its rules.. no take out, no credit cards, no seating without party…..  but who cares, we enjoyed the walk.  Holding hands on the city streets, looking up, wondering about the gargoyles, and filagrees and whats in the windows, and what happens inside.. What are the locks.. air bnb?
After lunch it was the walk of discovery.  What is this building that is always looming over us.  Where did it come from?  what are those empty spaces.  After a run in with the presidents escort, we wandered down 56th and confronted 432 Park.  We examined the public space and determined to explore more of these.  We counted the trees and chairs and wandered to find ourselves at Phillips, an auction house.  a brief tour before the 6 pm closing brought us to wonder on a small blue painting, dated and signed, with an auction estimate of over 200,000 dollars.  Please, explain this to me.
This was also the day I discovered the synagogue, with its huge round green spires and yours given on Tuesdays?  hmmmmm  I believe I will try that!

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