The Best Chocolate

I may have found it.  Neuhaus Chocolate has three shops in the city.  Yesterday on my walk I stumbled across one.  and yay!!!  I am so happy, it was so good.  Gives Li-Lac a run for its money, though they are different stores and different experiences I would call them each best in class, but I have yet to define the class.  Fancy vs. neihborhood?  I’m not sure.  Answering that is yet another project.

SO.. the store was lovely, you know the kind, with pretty boxes stacked in rows, gorgeous chocolates displayed neatly in cases.  And towards the back, what looked like mini chocolate soft serve ice cream cones.  And wow.. I selected from three flavors the crunchy. Of course, as has become my habit, I take two of them(just in case its so good i need another) .  And then the hostess suggests a plainer chocolate, again i get two.  It was some sweet ganache yummy yum yum.

I still think i prefer Li-lac if I’m going for th bring home so stuff for the week.  But if i just want two perfect chocolates, this is the place.

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