A Walk to Urbanspace Eating

Yesterday, another walk, another day of finding the unexpected, looking up, enjoying what I see and being happy to walk, and look and eat.

I left the house with the intention of another new Library, this day the Grand Central, and then off to Grand Central Station to see the food court I have heard about.  I don’t think I found it, I found this Urbanspace instead.  With Ovenly Bakery and a Korean BBQ. On the way back there was Neuhaus Chocolate and a street fair where i was unable to resist a couple of chicken wings from an about to open soul food restaurant.

But the real highlight of the day was the walk from second to third on 48th street —–I do have the pictures.. so look, enjoy, and remember to keep looking around, because look what you might see.

And I suppose you are wondering what did I eat

I started with some bbq from KBBQ.. it doesn’t look great, but it was.



I also couldn’t resist the pork dumplings.. splendid


Then the blackout cake and a salted chocolate chip cookie.  I would skip the cookie next time but would walk back in the rain for the cake.




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