East Village for Dinner

Early in the planning stage for my day, while checking out OCD chocolate, the east village library branches and squish marshmallow I started looking around for dinner spots.  Being a fan of the mac and cheese, and Brad a fan of the cheese plate , I was drawn to Murrays Cheese Bar, and with that the evening was planned

We drove down to village, top open enjoying the sights and sounds along the way. We easily found street parking but sadly the Library branch was closed when we arrived, but that didnt stop us from taking a lovely stroll to Murrays which sits on Bleeker Street near Royces Chocolate (from Japan) where I have previously been.

Dinner was great, delicious small burger, great fries and yummy mac .. the cheese plate was lovely too.  What we didnt have was the Raclette.  I had never seen one and now I have to have one.  Its all about melting cheese and who doesn’t love some melted cheese.

Turns out Murrays has a little shop too where I will soon return.  But this evening we went a few doors down to Amy’s Bread and treated ourselves to a Brownie with Nuts!!!  whooo hoooo, I have found the perfect Brownie!!  As if that wasn’t enough we headed over to Sebastian Brecht’s OCD chocolate shop.  ocd-chocolate.jpg

Hip Hip Hooray.  He makes some wonderful and beautiful bites.  Of all the chocolate chops his could be my favorite.  We got a $6 piece of his decadent caramel and chocolate cake, measuring 1 1/2 inches square, brought it home, cut it in 4’s and it was truly spectacular.  His other bite sized bits were also really good, and he is sweet and interesting.

But that wasn’t all, it was a walk and on the way we passed the Cube which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

astor place cube

The house where Willa Cather wrote My Antonia and part of the Art Installation across the city

by Ai Weiwei.

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