Squish Marshmallow, oh my.  This evening got a bit confused.  We were to dine on serendipity ice cream, then the discussion turned to what was for dinner after… perhaps Peter Llugar.  But that got set aside when there and every other steak house in town was fullup.  So.. never wanting to miss an opportunity for something sweet we headed to squish.  Not for the first time and certainly not for the last.

With a few different flavors to choose from  ( lemon to cookies and cream) you can get your marshmallow on a stick and have it toasted.  I am going to say right now.. Do not get the chocolate dipped, get a flavor theat can be melted and melt.

And it wasn’t as simple as all that to determine the best.  e also stopped at a bakes hop that appeared in our way ( sweet generation) and order a s’mores brownie.  so naturally y we got s’mores marshmallows, both dipped in chocolate and unzipped.  After the side by side we were in agreement that the only way to do it was to toast the marshmallow.

There was also dinner at a persian place but when you are talking marshmallows, why would you spot it with talk of kebobs ( ok , the steak kabob was good)


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