Electrical problems

On the subway. I got caught in it today. After careful planning to return to the Hudson branch library on Leroy street in the village I every so carefully left the house with an hour of dawdle time to spare. When the train got to port authority it stopped. End of the line until they found and repaired the electrical problem

Not to be deterred I thought to go outside and take a bus. With my trusty Citymapper app it came clear that was a mistake so back into port authority to find the 1 train to Houston

Lucky for me yesterday I bought my unlimited 7 day pass so it’s not a hardship. It’s an adventure.

I’ll still make it to IFC for my 4:20 movie and to try a new chocolate shop and hopefully will get this book returned

I do want to add a photo of something I might never have seen were it not for this mishap.

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