The Band’s Visit

This was one of those shows I went to see knowing very little about it.  I had read it was coming a few months go, bought a ticket and put it out of my mind.  A musical, I knew not what to expect.  When I go to a musical i expect something big like Hamilton or Come From Away but The Band’s Visit wasn’t that.  It was a slow moving story with passable voices and little dancing ability, and yet, it was a story.  Midway I started to get into it.  The lead actress, Katrina Lenk, had a lovely voice, strong, stable, and the perfect look an attitude for her role.  Later it occurred to me that her co-star was Monk.  I love Monk, and here he was.  If you have seen everything great I would surely go see this.


It was a day in a life, in every life.  Each character was a different role, a different person, waiting on a different thing.  Was this about waiting?  About loss?  About love?  about everything?  perhaps.

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