Another day

Another walk, another wrong turn, another library, somewhere I’ve wanted to go and… yes, a new and unexpected chocolate shop

With Essex Street market in mind and I library book to return I hopped on the F train and got off at Delancey. I had wanted to go one more stop but I misread my Citymapper and that was that. As per usual I walked in three wrong directions before getting my bearings and heading off to the park where the Seaward Park Library is licated. And… it’s Chinatown again.

On my way I stumbled across TheSweetLife candy store. And I want to go back. They carry both chocolate they make and candy they resell. I didn’t see until after I had paid the bark and Oreo Squares. I did pop the sea salt caramel right in my mouth and I attest to its powers. 10$ and a small bag. (Bring your own Tupperware for a box) later it was off to the library.

A beautiful old building set just inside the park. Returned my books then back to where I started… The Essex Street Market. Pretty disappointing. It had come up in some search and I had high hopes. There was a bread shop, a cheese shop, a bake shop, a butcher, a couple of fish mongers. I bought a variety of fish fillets and breadcrumbs to bread them, some mushrooms and now on my way home. I Hope i havent passes my stop.

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