Horror in Queens

went to see the bolshoi at the Kew Gardens Cinema, followed by a trip to Paris Baguette in Korea? Town or Hong Kong? town.  Then off to stop and shop in Flushing.  Where is upscale queens???


Second trip to Lupa was as good if not better than the first.  In what once to me was a mysterious part of town I finally see how the angelika theatre is connected down Houston to the back side of this part where the IFC and Murrays and Mac Douglas and Bleeker are all twisted […]

12 Chairs

Once again the kids pick a winner.  Tho the cake of the molten cake dessert was a bit too bitter for me, the lava and ice cream were excellent. I dined on a thin breaded chicken cutlet and marvelous potatoes, the kids enjoyed a salad ( too much dressing) and a fish ( they disagreed […]


Based on soon to be published ‘ Homecoming ‘ After the war a town in Hungary where all human emotions are seen. Engrossing, heartbreaking.

Jefferson Market Library

Wow.  The most beautiful Building, inside and out. The day began with a flurry of activity and only at the last minute did I decide to venture out.  To the movies of course.  To see Faces, Places at The Quad Cinema… more on that later. I took the train to Union Square, a bit of […]