Jefferson Market Library

Wow.  The most beautiful Building, inside and out.

The day began with a flurry of activity and only at the last minute did I decide to venture out.  To the movies of course.  To see Faces, Places at The Quad Cinema… more on that later.

I took the train to Union Square, a bit of a new part of town for me, and for the first time exited the subway heading in the proper direction!!  First thing to return books to Library.  I found my way to The Avenue of The Americas heading towards 10th Street.  It was Halloween and the streets were crowded with both kids and adults in costume… what fun, and I had walked into the heart of the celebration, this is where the streets are closed for the big Halloween Parade ( i didn’t stay).

Ahead was the most beautiful building, and it turned out to be the Library.  The Jefferson Market Library was originally a courthouse and is shockingly gorgeous.  I wandered for a bit inside just enjoying the feel of the place.

Then off to the Quad Cinema.  Another free movie thanks to my MoviePass and I loved it. The cinema was small, and clean and comfortable but with well cushioned and very high backed chairs which made sitting comfortable, and putting my feet up doubly so, but which made reading the subtitles somewhat challenging when I relaxed.

Down the street from the Cinema I stumbled into Beacon’s closet, one of a small chain of shops by the same name.   And what a fun and reasonably priced second hand shop I have found.. lucky me!!  I came away with two winter coats… I know, but I don’t know what will be comfortable and keep me warm…

all in all a good day… followed by a fabulous dinner at Hudson Malone, a 4 year old “joint’ serving delicious food and enticing atmosphere.  The downstairs bar was loud, so we sat upstairs, in the window, overlooking 53rd street.  People watching is usually good, but on halloween it was a bit better.   I had a veal with mushrooms.. i couldn’t resist and it was mouthwatering!  the burger might have lacked a bit.  But as I look for a neighborhood place, to sit at a bar, have a drink, and a quiet dinner…upstairs at Hudson Malones may be My place.

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