12 Chairs

Once again the kids pick a winner.  Tho the cake of the molten cake dessert was a bit too bitter for me, the lava and ice cream were excellent.

I dined on a thin breaded chicken cutlet and marvelous potatoes, the kids enjoyed a salad ( too much dressing) and a fish ( they disagreed on how good it was).  An appetizer of warm flat bread and a hummus with mushrooms and onions made for a dinner just under 100 dollars.

When I arrived I was seated at the bar, no wine glasses, therefore no wine?  I tried for a water glass and after some effort a glass of Montefiore White was poured, pretty good for an everyday nothing wine.


I brought along a Royce chocolate bar which apparently was devoured upon their arrival home, and a piece of chocolate caramel cake from Rocco on Bleeker.. reviews pending.

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