I have to say I struggled at first to find the purpose of this book and to find the voice in which to read it I read aloud in my head and this story, this explanation, this tale, was like few I have read. When halfway through I found that voice and thoroughly enjoyed a […]

Call Me By Your Name

Beautifully filmed and well acted we all agreed the best part of the movie was the last minute and a half. It seems everything was leading up to the fathers speech, and what some of us saw a the big reveal. Taking place in the 80’s in Italy, a professor and his family entertain a […]

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

I think I loved it. I never searched for my watch. The story of a small town and all its dysfunction are laid bare after a young girl is raped and burned to death. Starring Woody Harrelson. Three Billboards

The Shape Of Water

I don’t often, if ever do fantasy or sci fi and now i know why. It isnt real and I know it. But I did enjoy this film about a creature from the sea. And Im guessing that after a day or two of thinking about it, I’ll find the messages and like it more.

Eating close to home

Parnell Bar… brick pressed chicken, a shepherds pie, neighbors who live part time in Rome, and a strong drink. And a lovely older couple with walkers, hers with skis on. A greta choice for a casual close dinner. Recommended to us for a good burger was Pig and whistle, I think we will try it […]

Eating Close to Home

It was really cold last night and I have wanted to try the places nearby hoping to find a favorite so we walked a block to a lovely, little, crowded, greek place with excellent potatoes. Also good were the lamb chops and fish. I would say Under The Bridge is a place we will return […]

Looking for a good diner

well, we didn’t find it. Walked down to Sutton Cafe and had pretty bland ceasar and a nt so good open faced turkey.. brown gravy? on a turkey sandwich.. nahhh.

The Parisian Woman

At the Hudson Theatre starring Uma Thurman. I feel back into it today after some down time and much time flying to and from Miami, today I walked, I took photos, I discovered the Library Walk Of Fame, and used my tdf membership to buy tickets to The Parisian Woman. I don’t know if I […]

The Final Year

A sadness crept over me as I sat watching this documentary about foreign policy during the final year of the Obama administration. A year filled with people trying to do the right thing, save lives, be diplomatic. Are dignified days gone forever? Decorum a thing of the past? Intelligence, expertise and education admired and desired […]