Museum Hack

I haven’t been to a museum since i discovered the movie theatre, but today I may go…hmmmmm… or not.. but if I ever want to really experience another side of the museum, i think i will try museum hack.

A walk in my neighborhood

A cool spring day, not really but close. The freezing temperatures have risen enough to make a leisurely stroll once again a pleasure. Honestly, I was reluctant to leave the house but oh sao glad i did. We walked down to the river- peeking into the grand houses on Sutton Square, watching a large along […]

Imperial Palace II

Chinese!  Flushing! oh my!!!  After stumbling into flushing a few weeks ago and seeing what looks like mini asia we come to find that Flushing is THE place to go for Chinese.  SO with two recommendations in hand from a real Chinese gentleman we settle on Imperial Palace II.  A good choice.  Salt fish fried […]


At the Metropolitan Opera House was long.  A modern ( 1930’s) setting didn’t capture me in the least.  I do keep trying Opera but I think Figaro wont get another chance.

Italian near Lincoln Center

Yum.  Il Violino, a few blocks north of lincoln center was the perfect spot to grab a great bite before the Opera.  A small ceasar with capers(?) and not quite enough dressing was saved by a small plate of cheese and a plate of anchovies.  The lamb was good but the Mashed Potatoes maybe a […]

Jessica Lang

Again at the Joyce last night.  For Jessica Lange who always amazes me.  The use of props, the beautiful music, the flowing dance… let me drown in it.  With Backhausdance it was a wonderful evening.

Body Traffic at The Joyce

This program offers two exciting, young troupes: Los Angeles’ sleek and crowd-pleasing BODYTRAFFIC alongside the swing, jazz, and tap ensemble Caleb Teicher & Company. And of course I loved the Body traffic group pieces, I was ho hum about the Swing as I thought to myself, i know people who can do that, heck, i […]

Noah’s Compass

Another good read from Anne Tyler.  Liam, an aging, but not elderly man meets a young woman, Eunice and falls in love.  His estranged wife and daughters play there part after Liam is attacked in his new apartment and recalls nothing of the event.