A walk in my neighborhood

A cool spring day, not really but close. The freezing temperatures have risen enough to make a leisurely stroll once again a pleasure. Honestly, I was reluctant to leave the house but oh sao glad i did. We walked down to the river- peeking into the grand houses on Sutton Square, watching a large along the river, then a walk to this structure I have been seeing from my window for 30 years.
Behind Sutton square we spied a little garden, turns out it is one of many private gardens in the city. I wonder if they ever open for garden tours.

Turns out it is art. An installation. And as we continued a few blocks along the river we found a dog park full of fun loving pups and a garden that has recently been adopted by a neighborhood group. A plan to join in the gardening has taken root. Let’s see where it goes.

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