Imperial Palace II

Chinese!  Flushing! oh my!!!  After stumbling into flushing a few weeks ago and seeing what looks like mini asia we come to find that Flushing is THE place to go for Chinese.  SO with two recommendations in hand from a real Chinese gentleman we settle on Imperial Palace II.  A good choice.  Salt fish fried rice, a birds nest of chicken and soem good greens… we ate.. and ate… and upon leaving, as we walked through the neighborhood back to our car I thought, “we should come one sunday a month and try every one of these restaurants”  lets see if Brad goes along with the idea.  I also should figure out public transport here as the grocery store was amazing, and there are 3 more at least to try.

I was a bit leary as the reviews weren’t overall great and it got just a 3 star rating but a personal recommendation trumps that.

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