Sant Ambroeus cafe

on Madison… I was innocently walking home today, looking for a spot to buy a bit of lettuce, when out of nowhere, Sant Ambroeus jumped in my path with delectable looking pastries.  What was I to do?  I had to go in.  There weren’t many chocolate offerings and they were ridiculously expensive, but i did […]

Guggenheim- works and process

Who Knew? Under the Guggenheim is a theater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and tonight we saw a preview and work in process of Gemma Bonds new choreography for the Washington Ballet, Myriad. What a great experience, my perfect evening out, a little talk a little dance , a new place, a nice walk.  The […]

Momofuko Noodle Bar

We arrived for our 5:30 chicken dinner reservation, which we had made a month in advance, to find a line outside- “no, sorry, even with a reservation they dont open the doors until 5:30” no matter I suppose that it wa 37 degrees and drizzling. What could be worth this and the 150 dollar price […]

The Dessertist

Wow!  Is it worth moving to Croton or Millsberg or wherever The Dessertist  is located (THE DESSERTIST, 50 Maple St, Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520) just to get a daily dose of their version of a Devil Dog or the Cookie dough brownie cake… it just might be depending on where you are moving from.  Were I […]


Finding a supermarket where the aisles are clean, the produce is fresh, and the quality of selection is generous has been a problem for the past few months. Given this, I am on a search for a great market out of the city to ride to on the weekend.  A few weeks ago we went […]

Upper East Cafe

Upper East Cafe is the neighborhood go to as of now.  The best cosmo so far, a fabulous Brick Chicken, milk shakes and a nice burger.  On 3rd Ave at 62nd it couldn’t be more convenient, just for a night when I dont want to cook.


One of the most thrilling things about living in New York is that there is always some exhibit, some new show, something new going on.  The trick is to find it so I keep my eyes and ears open and I read the times arts section and check periodically with google “whats new in NY?” […]

Walter Reade Theatre

I cant believe I found yet another theatre, and one that takes the movie pass card.  I saw A Fantastic Woman in this clean, stadium seated theatre at Lincoln Center.  I cant say what the movie was about but I also should say go see it if you can.  I couldn’t stop watching it.  The […]