Joining Equinox has changed my life.  I never thought of myself as a girl who would go to a gym but I am, everyday almost.  I swim, I stretch, I dance a bit, and am learning a bit about Barre and Pilates.  Each location is unique and they are all over.   I’ve decided to swim so have lockers t both the Lex and 63rd gym and the Sports Club at 67 and Columbus ( this is a fabulous club with the best selection of classes) and having a locker allows me more flexibility as I travel around the city.

Usually I try to take in a movie or three during the week but this week sadly there is nothing to see so I decided to start taking in the museums.

A few weeks ago while walking in the freezing night we passed the New York Historical Society, it was 40 minutes til closing and the price was steep so I offered up my AAM membership and in we went.

Now a week has passed and we think we should try The Museum of the City of New York so off we set and on our way is the Guggenheim.  On a whim I decided to try my luck, and once again the pass worked.  This means I can pop in and out of museums at will- free of charge!!!

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