Momofuko Noodle Bar

We arrived for our 5:30 chicken dinner reservation, which we had made a month in advance, to find a line outside- “no, sorry, even with a reservation they dont open the doors until 5:30” no matter I suppose that it wa 37 degrees and drizzling. What could be worth this and the 150 dollar price tag for 4 people. In my opinion hype. It was a fun experience, it always is, to do something deemed special. But really.. 2 fried chickens and a pretty bowl of veggies. No noodles, no rice, no cooked veggie. The chickens were good and we were happy to be together enjoying our meal. But I am not recommending the fried chicken dinner at Momofuko Noodle Bar. We were able to order a few pork buns which were superb and a ramen that the kids really enjoyed- but not for the price or the wait, sorry Momofuko, Im just not saying yeah.

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