Month: March 2018

90 Park Ave Walk

Coming down for lunch to meet a friend I left an hour to get here. I didn’t plot my route, just wandered in the direction. What I didn’t think of is that to get from 46th to 40th you walk through the Helmsley Building then through Met Life […]

Macy’s Flower Show

Every year macy’s on 34th street decorates its windows and main floor with over the top flower displays. This year it felt a bit less like flowers than like a themed decorative display, but it was still fun to see. As usual it was crowded, we went after work […]


24 Fifth Avenue at 10th Street.  Could be a favorite for sure.  A bit pricey and we skipped the dessert but really a great place to be.  Everything was good, including the free fried cauliflower they gave us because the kitchen had a delay.  We order the special […]


As if we hadn’t done enough walking we found ourselves with tickets to works/process at the Guggenheim so off we trudged.  By the end off the day I had 17,658 steps clocked on my iPhone ( approximately).  As usual on the way we saw this and that, here […]

China Chalet

The walk today:Our place for dim sum… along the river where we met Jill A. Digging in the dirt then up York to 79th , towards the end of YORK we found ourselves passing many restaurants we think we may want to return to then up 79 to […]


Perhaps I will never cook again. At 1st and 79th Streets a market after my own heart. Hopefully the food is good UPDATE: when i did finally make the trip to Agata I wasn’t s thrilled as Ihad hoped I would be. A dirty fish smell pervaded the […]

Maybe Good Sams is worthwhile

As i look towards our next outing to Uncle G’s in Jersey I played around on good Sams trip planner and found a really nice itinerary added to the end… I’ve copied it here. I like the details of the stops. Sadly, it didn’t know uncle Giuseppes.. does […]

I dont remember reading any of J D Salingers books, and now I definitely want to. I loved reading this happy story of a young girl working in publishing. I recommend My Salinger Year