Scarsdale Disappointment and fun

The day was planned to go to DiCicco’s market in Cross River.  We used our new Good Sam rv trip planner and found sone fun places to stop on the way.  First stop, in the town of Hartsdale ( where I grew up) was the Copper Kettle right in town.  Marvelous!!!  I had done some reading on Yelp and there were raves about the fries so I felt we needed to tryout.  Sadley for us at 3 pm on a Saturday the were only serving Brunch ( no fries until 4 pm).  After soem debate we decided to stay.  Brad had the cheese dip and I had the breakfast burger ( burger/egg/cheese/ greta toasted bread for a bun) and hash browns.  I dont know who raved abut the fries but had they \tried the hash browns they would have been speechless.. a few onions, she amazing oil, words cannot describe!!

After our leisurely lunch to our surprise and horror ( not such a surprise as we didn’t leave the city until after 1) we didn’t have time to make all our stops so change of plan we would visit the Greenberg Nature Center and possibly Harts Brook and yes, small cakes for a cupcake.  Before we scooted out of Hartsdale a drop in at Enricos Bakery for a few cookies and off we go.

I loved/ we loved the nature center.  i cant imagine how many acres of hills, and grass and trees, and all sciency/natirey/ lesson/outddorsy learning stuff for kids.  Filled with paths and newly felled trees from the storm this week we meandered and pointed and touched  The old house was charming from all angles.

We did make it to deCiccos in Scarsdale but it was a dump.  The town was lovely and perhaps worth a trip back, and we were able to sneak into Madeline’s bakery just before closing for a bite of chocolate yumminess.

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