How do you plan an RV trip

Again, as with buying or traveling in an RV I know nothing.  I have planned a few road trips, but never something extended.  Last year we drove in two days up to see the Eclipse in North Carolina from Miami. And a few years back we winged it from Miami to Santa Fe.. but a long extended trip, to nowhere??  Yikes. Where even would i want our first trip to be.

Thoughts?  new England, The Dessert SouthWest? The California Coast.?

New England, yes!  I can do that.  Whew, thats settled.

We will drive to Maine.  For about 4 minutes I felt great, then I thought abut hookups and campgrounds, parking and eating, waterfalls and bridges? hiking? cities? this was going to need a bit more planning.

Back to the internet and i searched out How to Plan and RV trip to New England.

What great info.  First you should know that there are a ton of RV and travel blogs (bloggers)

Heath and ALyssa



all seem to be the most popular and i have been listening, reading, watching them all.

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