Our search for the perfect rv

do we want to haul around 44 feet of class A luxury – and a tow car?

Or buy ourselves a big truck and pull a fifth wheel behind us?

or settle into 24 tiny feet of space?

Or will we find some other solution.

Its 2018 and we are getting serious about leaving.. our current leave date is 2021.


I selected it last week when i saw the Winnebago 2019 models…

I can’t find it now to link too but i am sure I saw a 36 foot RV where i got a shower, a kitchen counter (which i would probably extend), a washer/dryer and a dishwasher!

SO I am spoiled.  I loved the little Unity Van and other similar with murphy beds and clean lines.  But when I started to think about it, i knew I wouldn’t be happy without my creature comforts.  I like doing a small load of laundry every day and I want to feel clean after a shower.


Lets start by saying we know NOTHING about traveling in an RV.  When Brad and I met online one of the things i liked about him was that he wanted to travel in an RV, i fell in love when he showed up to pick me up at the airport with a map of the US and pens and planning tools. Its been more than 6 months and we are still happy and planning our trip.


Some of you may say we are crazy, we barely know each other, and that may be true… but we are happy.

SO.. we began by looking at rv floor plans. Brad printed brochures out like crazy.  None had a real bathroom, there was no kitchen counter, what should we do.

For a month or two I was convinced that whatever we bought would need to be gutted.  We couldn’t possibly live in a brown leather couch, brown cabinet, inefficient box designed to watch tv more than to live.   It was time we got serious about planning.

I figured we could buy a used fifth wheel and just design it.  Then we met a guy who explained about balancing the weight of the rv.  You cant put every heavy thing on one side and not expect to tip.  Perhaps having my handyman design it with me wasn’t my greatest idea.

Perhaps then a professional design? Perhaps you have a spare million to lend me, and they are still so overdone.. lights, marble, action.. thats not what i want.

we did find one company that we thought might work to custom  build.

Of all the custom sights we searched out Space Craft was most to my liking.  They seemed to get that it wasn’t fancy we wanted, but customized to our taste.  There were tons of custom shops for toy hauling, horse hauling, and Big Rig building, but out of the super luxury million dollar market this company appeared the best.  Let me qualify and say i draw that conclusion only from seeing the website, we never communicated with them and as of today, have not dealt with them on a custom RV.


Have you seen them, tiny houses… clean, minimal, organized, cheerful.  Thats what I want, now how to get it.  And then my search stared to pay off.

The Winnebago Horizon 40A 

winnebago horizon 40A rv

OMG.. Its not perfect but it offers hope, Hope that over the next couple of years they will size it down to under 40 feet, move the dishwasher nearer the sink and get the access out of the master closet.  What a change from the old style rv we all are so used to seeing.


While we are searching out the perfect RV to travel in, and since I found Hope    that there will be one out there I moved onto step 2.

How Do You Plan A Trip….



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