Where do you get ideas of where to go?

I have always pulled articles and tagged web pages of interesting places i have read about or seen.  I have bought some books and saved some pamphlets and I have a hope list and a wish file.  Sadly, I have no idea where most of this stuff is so we are starting from scratch.

But its more than just a list of places and things you want to do.  Its how you are going to do it.   One place where these two things intersect ( where to go, what to do) is in a trip planning app.  Like google maps or waze there are RV trip planning resources.  I sent an afternoon googling and watching and the big take away is.. there isnt one that will do it all.

We chose Good Sam’s RV route planner to try first, and that is where we currently are.  Once we decided on the general direction of where we wanted to go, in this case, New England form New York, we plugged in our start and end points and the router devised a route.  I believe you can customized to stay off main roads but you can also search a swath 5, 10, 15 or more miles around your route for things to do.  As overwhelming as this was, we eventually limited our choices to arts and nature and methodically started to plod through it all.


You will be able to find a list of the resources we use under category resources for planning.


Some day perhaps we will have resources for other things like emergency equipment or where to find one thing or another but as we haven’t left the house, that seems a bit ahead of where we are


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