My situation is fairly unique. I have been living on my own in Miami in a beautiful four bedroom townhouse that I gutted and designed and love. About 8 months ago, on a whim, I moved up to New York City leaving all y worldly possessions in Miami and moving into an apartment my parents historically used as a part time get-away. SO the apartment was full, but not intended for full time living.
Over the course of several months and one winter I have become entrenched in city life. I love it which is part of the reason why our leave date isnt for a few years. In the meantime I visit Miami monthly. This week when I got home I found my daughter had ‘taken advantage’ of my home and thought to myself “it’s time to sell” So sell I am about to do.
Now, luckily I have proven that I can live without most of my stuff, and i have always found the idea of minimalism intriguing. I never lived minimally. I pick up things for the house and the yard and the walls all the time. The house is crammed full of pottery and knick knacks and memories and stuff.
What am I to do?
I went to The Home depot, bought 6 small (book size ) boxes and 6 Medium boxes and I have told myself “THAT”S IT” and so far so good.
One box packed easily last night. Filled with what I might call valuable, sentimental and unbreakable.

Of the 1000’s of books I own I easily filled the first box and am being tougher with myself on box 2. I have allowed myself one box for cookbooks and one for ‘history’ that wont count towards my limit.

I sorted out the master closet by putting everything to one side then moving my favorite things over to the other. When I was with a 75/25 split I looked and said that was enough. Then grabbed 10 more things I couldn’t part with. Same with shoes. And now I sit in what is essentially a full house and I wont miss any of it. Not the extra books, not the extra pretty little thing.
I plan on getting a storage unit for my favorite chairs, my paintings, my kids things and my boxes of books. Much cheaper than the 2500 a month Im currently spending and when I come to Miami for a visit I can stay with my parents. Thats why I come here in the first place.

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