Riverside Park

Half the fun is planning a day, never really knowing how it will turn out or what we will do.  We searched the web for happenings in the city, for museum exhibits, for a new place to go.  We had a few ideas.  MAD had a green book exhibit, we had never been to the reservoir in central park, we would go to lunch and try to find a a bakery for dessert.

We settled on going to Robert at the MAD for lunch, its a place I have wanted to go, we always enjoy the walk, and we could see the Green Book exhibit.

RobertLunch was beautiful and delicious, but don’t come for the food, its not that good, go for the view and reserve a window table a month in advance.  We had a salad and a steak and eggs from the brunch menu.  Because my AAM card was only good for one we skipped the exhibit.  And that looked like a good decision when we walked through the exhibit I could tell will want to spend time and energy experiencing it so I’m going to spend a few hours there during the week, I hope.

At lunch we sketched out a plan to try a bakery, Mille-Feuille, at Broadway and 76th then see if we wanted to walk further.  We easily found the bakery and there were some tempting treats but nowhere to sit so we walked down two doors and had the last two chocolate choices at Maison Kayser- always good.  Energized we decided to see what is Riverside Park.  When we crossed Riverside Drive at about 76 street we saw a full playground, dogs walking and it was very welcoming so down we went.  We followed the path south deciding to walk to 57th street and bus home.  Then the path passed under the highway and out to the water.


Wow!!!  still under construction ,what we walked was beautiful and promising of great interest.


With a separate path for bikers the walking path passed through seating areas, small outdoor installations, and mini gardens – all right along the river.

I wondered was the above a railroad reference, as we had also crossed a bridge with names engraved that sounded railroads.  Then we happened upon this:


you can walk up and peek in.

There was art that was planned:


And some that was not:IMG_7190




At 59th street the path seemed to end and push us back under the highway and into the city.  We hiked quickly up to the Equinox so i could use the facilities and then home. We almost made it river to river but i just couldn’t take another step.  Picnic dinner in bed in front of you tube watching RV videos.  A great day!

If you want to know more abut the history of the park check it out here.

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