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2 videos - Is anyone else willing there days with nothing and wonderful. I am struggling to make sense of this new life. I certainly have time to do all the things I have wanted to do. I have endless hours in which to read, as we all know I now bake and have added to my repertoire […]
You Think It, I’ll Say It - A wonderful varied collection of short stories by Curtis Sittenfeld
The Thing Around Your Neck - By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who also wrote Americanah. This was equally as good.
Before We Were Yours - By Lisa Wingate. A heartbreaking and lovely tale of a group of children born to the river.
The Borrower - I read it in a day, maybe two. When Ian comes to the Library, Lucy sets off on a journey. A really good light read
19 Minutes – Jodi Picoult - I read a lot, every day, and I can come and go from a book without ever thinking about it again. Not this one. I could not put it down, i will always remember the vivid and, I a some, honest story told. I am glad my children are grown and sad for the times […]
Great Book – Fun and favorite Author - The Woman Who Stole My Life is that perfect easy twisted read that I totally enjoy. I might even call it a beach read. But Marian Keyes tells a tale and there is always more to it than sex on the beach. Here we had twists and turns as our heroine recovers from a devastating […]
Bel Canto by Ann Patchet - After the Guggenheim’s Works/Process last week I realized that though I had read Bel Canto, I couldn’t remember a thing about it.  As luck would have it the book was waiting on my kindle.  And it was a great read which I can’t wait to see made into a movie.
Summer Hours at the Robbers Library - I can only say that Summer Hours at the Robbers Library is exactly what a book should be.  Heartwarming, not so corny, where i loved th people and their stories and their lives. Young Sunny steals a dictionary and sets us off on an enchanted journey of family, friendship and healing.
The Great Alone by kristin hannah - As with so many books I read I had no idea what The Great Alone was about, it was on a list, so I put it on my Library wait list and voila!, on my kindle it popped.  Its  coming of age story which I always think of as being written for kids – After […]
Everything We Keep - I give Everything We Keep a 3 star rating.   read it , I enjoyed it, I gained nothing from it.  When her Fiancé dies and is buried on her wedding day… blah blah blah.
Social Creatures - This book had a mazing reviews and I bought it. A big mistake. Perhaps a millennial might like it, but not me
Ties - I loved reading this book. It was unfamiliar and gripping.
Notwithstanding - A small town, a silly town, some crazy stories about its inhabitants. A joyful read, where each chapter can be read independently or sweet though it and fall in love.
A Thousand Acres - I do love a good story and this was one. I never knew where it was going nor did I care as I lived in the lives of this family on A Thousand Acres.
The Bookshop - The book the Bookshop has been sitting in my to read pile for so long its unmentionable. I finally picked it up and read. I wasn’t thrilled. I liked it well enough to read it, i didn’t put it down, but I wasn’t as caught up in it as I like to be, And now […]
From A Paris Balconey - From a Paris Balconey is another in a long series of books where our protagonist sets off on a journey and finds… well.. everything… or not.
Social Creatures - I really cannot remember the last time I read a book that i enjoyed less. It was one of those stories that had my heart pounding. And I didn’t give one hoot about anyone,I just wanted it to end. It was for another generation, the FOMO generation I suppose, and ended well. What rankles me […]
A Piece of the World - I found a Piece of the World on a number of lists. This one from the BBC is the one that reminded me what the book was about. Im awful that its been 3 weeks and my mind was a total blank but as soon as they said farm, alone, Wyeth, I was reminded that […]
Movie – Never Look Away - As is my habit I skim something about a movie and if I think there is a chance I will like it I go. As was the case with Never Look Away. I arrived early at the Paris theatre across from the Plaza Hotel and selected seats in the balcony just behind and to the […]
Movie THEY SHALL NOT GO HOME - An overwhelming documentary about the British fighting in WWI. The filmmaker voiced over original film from the Imperial War Museum archives What a great job. At times I felt I was there, or was heartbroken that these little boys where there. For old men’s insecurities and irrational fears. Ending with a few of the storytellers […]
Library of the Performing Arts – Jerome Robbins Movie - This was one of those things I love. As I try to learn all about dance and the history and the major artists involved I am lucky to have found the Library of the Performing Arts.  There are weekly programs with guest speakers, and archival film, and even sing alongs.   Its possible I am […]
The Sister’s Brothers - And Hudson Market bear the Landmark on 57th. Another MoviePass. Adventure The market looks great. A few food bars, a few made to order counters, and fresh looking veggies.
TEA WITH THE DAMES - What a fun movie at the Quad. If you love these ladies: Judie Dench, Maggie Smith, Eileen Atkins, and Joan Plowright. The story goes that they get together at times for tea and this time they let the cameras in.
CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? - This movie is the reason I don’t like to know what the movie is about. So don’t read on if you plan to see it
Colette/ Keira Knightley - So wonderful the audience at The Paris Theatre applauded.
Wife starring Glenn Close - Another story of a woman, in a marriage, setting herself aside, for years, and years… Her portrayal is unsurpassed. Wife seems to be a small release film, or maybe it is just hitting limited theaters in NY but it was truly a great film.  Vanity Fair thinks she could get the Oscar.. for this, she […]
Puzzle, the Movie - Another good film showcasing another woman, in another marriage, with another family, living another life, yet the same.  Subverted by everything around her.. who is she?  Is this really her life? Puzzle was pretty slow going at times, hard to watch at others, as the story is so familiar. And the New York Times seems […]
RBG - Notorious RBG. gave me hope?
Where is Kyra? - Starring Michelle Pfiefer in a most unglamorous role opposite Keifer Sutherland.  The sad story of a spiral down.  SO relatable it could be you, or me.
Walter Reade Theatre - I cant believe I found yet another theatre, and one that takes the movie pass card.  I saw A Fantastic Woman in this clean, stadium seated theatre at Lincoln Center.  I cant say what the movie was about but I also should say go see it if you can.  I couldn’t stop watching it.  The […]
Wonder - At Kips Bay this feel good movie hit the spot.
Youth - At the Cinema Village on 12th Street.  A Chinese love story, a dance troupe, the death of chairman Mao.  I loved the dancing, the learning, the fact that I don’t ever recall seeing a movie out of China before.  At the cutest theater.
Call Me By Your Name - Beautifully filmed and well acted we all agreed the best part of the movie was the last minute and a half. It seems everything was leading up to the fathers speech, and what some of us saw a the big reveal. Taking place in the 80’s in Italy, a professor and his family entertain a […]
The Shape Of Water - I don’t often, if ever do fantasy or sci fi and now i know why. It isnt real and I know it. But I did enjoy this film about a creature from the sea. And Im guessing that after a day or two of thinking about it, I’ll find the messages and like it more.
The Jade Pendant - Without a doubt the WORST movie I have seen in years.  
Wonderstruck - A perfect made for tv movie.  Wonderstruck is another example of two stories converging, you are left wondering how.  A few interesting characters but too many that aren’t.  If you haven’t noticed, I am not recommending it.
Contrived, Boring, and Shame - Shame on whoever wrote this movie, shame on whoever casted these talentless actresses, and just shame.  Again we have a great story, or a good story, a woman searching for self as she comes to that empty nest stage of life.  The Year By The Sea is a great example of pandering, and condescension.  I […]
- Viceroy’s House, starring the dad from Downton Abbey.  Gotta love him, and his wife, and most of the story of partition of India.  Which, according to the Guardian, is historically incorrect (fake history they call it) in where it lays blame for the millions of lives lost during partitiion. Absolutely don’t have to enjoy a […]

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