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Grolier Club - What is this you might ask… I’m about to find out… I’m with my dad and after an hour looking for the wrong name we finally narrowed down the google search to groups interested in collecting books and book binding. Off we go! Ahhhh. It’s not for everyone, […]
- I dont remember reading any of J D Salingers books, and now I definitely want to. I loved reading this happy story of a young girl working in publishing. I recommend My Salinger Year
What I am reading this week -  Every Last One, you cant go wrong with Anna Quindlen.
1001 walks -   This is part of the 1001 series of books you can find on amazon.
A Fantastic read -  Who was the Ambassador in London?  what role did Ed Murrow play in the war?  what was it like?  Who did what?  This is another view of What went on during the days and years before the US entered the war.  A thrilling and thought provoking read.
Lisa See - Lisa See is the author of both Shanghai Girls and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, two books I really enjoyed.    Tea girl was just as good, perhaps better, I learned so much about Tea.
Noah’s Compass - Another good read from Anne Tyler.  Liam, an aging, but not elderly man meets a young woman, Eunice and falls in love.  His estranged wife and daughters play there part after Liam is attacked in his new apartment and recalls nothing of the event.
RBG - Notorious RBG. gave me hope?
Where is Kyra? - Starring Michelle Pfiefer in a most unglamorous role opposite Keifer Sutherland.  The sad story of a spiral down.  SO relatable it could be you, or me.
Walter Reade Theatre - I cant believe I found yet another theatre, and one that takes the movie pass card.  I saw A Fantastic Woman in this clean, stadium seated theatre at Lincoln Center.  I cant say what the movie was about but I also should say go see it if you […]
Wonder - At Kips Bay this feel good movie hit the spot.
Youth - At the Cinema Village on 12th Street.  A Chinese love story, a dance troupe, the death of chairman Mao.  I loved the dancing, the learning, the fact that I don’t ever recall seeing a movie out of China before.  At the cutest theater.

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