A walk past MOMA

With twenty minutes to spare on the way to the gym today I looked up to see I was just a few blocks from MOMA. So I pulled out my museum pass and went straight to the fifth floor. How nice it is to just bop in for a minute.  The fifth floor houses the permanent exhibit and i set out once agin with the intention of picking a painter, a painting, a period or something and trying to learn about it, then go through all the great museums the city has to embed the information in my brain.  So far I keep forgetting this plan, maybe.. well, maybe this time I will forge ahead.

I saw a matisse and a Picasso and a Snow Shovel hanging from the ceiling.  It was just a cursory glance in and to check if the pass worked.  Now I know I can go back any time I want.  YAY.

The Bryant Park equinox is tucked in on 41st street.  Lucky for me I thought it was on 42nd street and when I realized my mistake I spotted a plaza that connected the two streets..img_7234.jpg

as I strolled through I looked to my right and wow, one of those wonderful moments.  Inside the building was an old subway car…


Just siting there.  I suppose I could have walked in to see it and get a better photo, but I just snapped this one to remember and share.

UPDATE:  google is amazing .. I entered “i saw a subway car in a buildings lobby on 42 street 41 street pplaza near bryant park” into a search and came away with this article. Abandoned Graffitied NYC Subway Car Is Inside an Empty 42nd Street Storefront.

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