Walk to East River Roundabout

Back in January we walked down to the East River, today we are repeating the walk to the East River Roundabout.  It was breezy and cold but so nice to be out.  Along the river we ran into a woman gardening and I did finally reach out and offer to volunteer, we will see what comes of it.   Continuing along york we mad it to 79th street where we headed up to lunch at china chalet.  it was a good walk… see following posts.

As for the walk– it is always time to look up and this day was no exception… see the photo above, that whirly thing on top of the building, whatever it it, it spins in the wind.

and below, its almost, or possibly is Cherry Blossom time… we found these blooms along the street.




and then there is this disturbing building.. how do they get the stripes to  go just perfectly, is it in the glass?  something behind the glass? either way, imagine how they could possibly be able to plan and place it so right?


I think it is the david Koch building, so who is this David Koch?  as it turns out he is one of those Kochs….  at least while his family is trying to tear apart our country he is doing some good.  Im grateful for the Koch theater Lincoln Center where I enjoy the Ballet.img_7295.jpg

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