90 Park Ave Walk

IMG_0412Coming down for lunch to meet a friend I left an hour to get here. I didn’t plot my route, just wandered in the direction. What I didn’t think of is that to get from 46th to 40th you walk through the Helmsley Building then through Met Life Building then through Grand Central station

In all honesty I wasn’t looking around at the buildings because I kept walking past groups of firefighters in full dress uniform. Where were they coming from. I thought to ask and then thought to myself “does it really matter?” So I didn’t ask

I finally looked up when I walked through Grand Central and noticed a stage or display going up. Hmmmmmm. This is how I sometimes find out what’s going on. I will google something about this and it will lead me somewhere. Tonight perhaps

I also noticed again how many public spaces there are throughout the city.IMG_4847 Keep your eyes open for signs like this one. For those of us from other places it may be hard to fathom but the city is filled with open air ‘parks’ and indoor seating maintained not by the city but by surrounding buildings I think it’s part of a zoning code. Ah. Another thing to investigate

The other thing is the public art. The museum of the city of New York has had an exhibit on 50 years of public art. Tonight is a talk I think I sill miss but the point is… it’s everywhere.

Look at this piece just hanging in the stepped back front of 90 ParkIMG_3919

I wonder how you get the job to select that?

After lunch I walked to the gym.. look at all the sights I saw










And once at Lincoln center I noticed this kiosk in the triangle for the first time, and a statue and a clock too… What else have I missed?



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