Grand Tier at Met Opera for Dinner

Dinner? yeah, ok- it was an impressive place but a limited menu and passable for the price. The dessert was good – a chocolate mousse cake. Sadly you could only get a soufflé at intermission….


Escargot was tasteless, fries were good, spinach was amazingly perfect and the duck was good but with no sweetness- sat on a bed of mushrooms and

A walk on the west side

    After the ballet rehearsal we found ourselves, or I found myself craving Croque Madame- off to Amelie we went. Afterwards we headed to the Equinox Printing House for a clean bathroom and on the way a quick stop at the chocolate shop Varsano’s. And you never know what you will see…when you look […]

Versano’s Chocolate

They even make their own snicker bars. And a caramel, marshmallow, chocolate!!!! So worth the time to find it at 172 West 4Th Street

Lunch at

Amelie – 22 West 8th Street.. According to yelp it has the best croquet Madame in the village.  It was good, but not the best, if for no other reason than it wasn’t served with fries.  We sat at the front table, side by side, looking out the window.

ABT Studio Rehearsal

One of my favorite things is Ballet.  Dance I like but its too general a description.  I like the flow, and the beauty of traditional ballet.  Since moving to NY my thrill is ABT, American Ballet Theatre, and as a Patron I received an invitation to visit the studio and watch parts of two rehearsals. […]

Lobby Hero

At The Helen Hayes Theatre. I never would have seen this on my own, to be honest I had never heard of it when my son urged me to get tickets.  The four of us laughed our way through though it wasn’t just comedy.  The audience witnessed the reality of life.  It isn’t fair, people […]