Bella Blu

After ten days in Miami I am so happy to be back in NYC. Life is good. After a morning in the house I went out and the cool air and city streets filled me with energy. Then dinner, an amazingly delicious ravioli of veal in a burnt butter sauce, I am back!!!!
Went with a friend to Bella Blu for an early dinner, and you need to go early because be 6:30 every table was taken and people were lined up at the door. But don’t look for chocolate on the dessert menu, for that, go across the street for a brownie with white chocoale bits at the Corrado Bread Company.

On my way over I walked past all sorts of things that reminded why NY is the greatest place to be.  There is always something to entertain the mind.


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A pretty door, springs first flowers, some wonderful glass in a window, a bird, a walkway… everything is a sight…


I walked past this old firehouse just as the firemen were encouraging a little boy to come on in and climb on up on one of the trucks.  It reminded me of a little boy I knew so well who loved to stop at the firehouse and see the engines.  Then, right next door, in a building that didn’t match at all the firehouse continues, and with a kids hoop out front.  Proof to me that NY is not a cold city at all but a warm happy sharing community, you just have to view it that way.  Perhaps because we all live in tiny places, we need to share the same backyard, we need to interact and make space and be nice to everyone else we s=are out here playing with.  That may be the difference in what makes some of us see the happy and beauty and joy, and others see the same thing as cold as indifferent?

Anyway, as you may know by now, I am always looking up ( and looking down so I don’t step in poop) and looking around and today I noticed for the first time their is something special in the water towers atop the buildings.  I always saw them but today, well, I saw them differently.


I had just turned the corner when I noticed this beautiful synagogue and then, as I glanced around I saw the water tower in back… you can see the pipes on the bottom… do you usually see this….fullsizeoutput_625

I dont know, it just struck me, then, after dinner, another one, this one caged???



and, as if my day hadn’t been full enough already




I have more to discover on Long Island.

All this in just a few short blocks…before dinner.




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