Tao Downtown

We went to see Ballet Hispanica at The Joyce last night and they were good, not the great I had remembered.  But beforehand we had dinner at 92 9th Avenue at a wow sort of place called Tao Downtowntao 2.

No words could describe the room and no  image could do it justice, there was no end of places to look and things to see and wonder about. The presentation of each dish!!!  The dessert was amazing,


a chocolate lava cake hidden under that box of chocolate and caramel ice cream!!!!!  The Edamame so good and salty, the szechuan dumpling


IMG_7600in their little green wrappers in a delicious peanut filled sauce – fabulous and the Tataki

IMG_7599delicious and almost too beautiful to eat –  but way too small.

We sat next to each other at a small table on the steps looking out a room that was so ornate, tasteful, full, and big.


It is one of the few places I want to go back to.


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