Saturday morning and we have no plan… Stay in the city, do a grocery run, its a beautiful day – maybe take a walk.  Well, somehow we both came up with Bethpage.  He decided because it was central on the island and we have done north and south, I decided because I google ‘best fried chicken long island’.  either way.. off we went.

Immediately off the highway was Zorn’s… when you pull into this lot you just feel this place has got to be good. IMG_7609

The signs were all about fried chicken and rib packages, they had pot pies, and whoopee pies.. it was a wonderland inside.  We settled on some rotisserie and some fried chicken, sides of rice, mac n cheese, roasted potatoes and veggies.  All were edible and tasty , the chicken was moist but the fried coating was inconsistent.  One bite was flavorful, the next dull.  They had no place to eat so we drove down to Bethpage State Park.  With 1477 acres it seems to have everything, from polo fields and golf to bike trails and playgrounds it was a busy day at the park being the first real day of what felt like summer ( no worry, i sit on Sunday writing this and once again its 40 degrees out in mid April??).  Anyway, we easily found our way to a sunny picnic bench after paying our $8 entry fee.  After lunch we walked a bit and found ourselves wandering the extension of the trail we had stumbled upon in Massapequa Preserve.

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And the best part.. I saw a tank!  As we were leaving the Park I saw a sign about an old bethpage restoration….  hmmmm, what could that be?  well, a total disappointment.  It was one of those recreation sites, we didn’t even go in.  BUT, on the road in there was a military museum.  We pulled din and there was a real tank.. photo opportunity.


As we continued the drive in down the road came a tad, driving, the drivers head clearly visible out a little hole in the front.  Too late, missed photo opportunity, then I was informed it wasn’t really tank, just some sort of armored transport.   I was happier thinking it was tank, way more fun.

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