A walk on the west side



After the ballet rehearsal we found ourselves, or I found myself craving Croque Madame- off to Amelie we went. Afterwards we headed to the Equinox Printing House for a clean bathroom and on the way a quick stop at the chocolate shop Varsano’s.

And you never know what you will see…when you look up


As we came out of the printing house it seemed we were very close to the Hudson River so we headed a few blocks further West and found a busy walking path and an even busier bike path.


Winding along the Hudson on the most beautiful day solar this year people were picnicking, dogs were walking, and we were looking- at the trees in bloom, the buildings going up, the funny signs and all the sights. After about 11,000 steps we decided to head for the E train and go home.



of course, on the walk home I looked up…



what else did we see?

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