Banksy mural

Just a drive by. But that’s enough Banksy unveils mural at historic Houston Bowery Wall protesting Turkish artist’s imprisonment

A Drive to the Cloisters

  Is it Washington Heights or Inwood?   and this is the plan for the day.   the only hesitation is lunch.     and will i pass out from exhaustion before we are done?  off we go….   We did it all tho the cloisters and the Fort Tryon Park, which are in the […]

Brown Sugar

A restaurant we aren’t going to today because it doesn’t open until 4 pm.

Mel Chin- All Over The Place- UPDATE

We went back to the Queens Museum yesterday to check out the fully installed exhibit.  Interesting how after bit of reading and a few visits things become clear.  Interesting how when I last was there and discussed the exhibit with Mr. Chin’s assistant no one mentioned that it was many different works, rather than one […]


Yeah? No. Really. Why. I was so not at all interested in a single thing.. this was art designed to be shown for no reason other than to make those of us looking feel inadequate because we dont find it interesting. But on the way home we saw this, perched in the middle of the […]

Will we go back for the flat noodles

And the scallion toast. Nan Xiang Xiang Long Bao, in flushing claims to be a Michelin recommended dim sum establishment. We had a pan fried, a steamed dumpling and crispy noodles with beef. Surprise I loved two out of three, the veggie, not so much. UPDATE May 2019. Its been a year since we went, […]

This weeks goal… Paul Bonet

while reading about Zoe Leonard I saw a little blurb about Paul Bonet… I want to see his show and learn a little more… So I went to search a bit on google… bookbinder at the Galerie Buchholtz on 82nd Street a block form the Met… and at least one example of his work ( […]