Three Tall Women

Wow. One of the best shows I’ve seen. I loved Lobby Hero but I couldn’t relate and it was a little dark. This though, was masterfully written, convincingly performed and thankfully had no intermission.

Three Tall Women at the Golden Theatre on 45th Street.  (Be warned, the theatre has no handicapped accessible bath so you need to go to the theatre down the street for one.) I sat in the fourth row on the side next to the wheel chair and the view was great.  With my new back support pillow and footstool who could be happier.

The story: Well, i don’t want to ruin it for you but its three great women who over the course of a little less than two hours let you know, with wit, charm, and tears, that being a woman, a mom, a person isn’t always easy.

I knew all three ladies but couldn’t place them.  When I got home is when i finally allowed myself to check out any info about the play and I discovered that the young blonde woman (Alison Pill) was from Newsroom.  I loved Newsroom.  And the middle aged woman (Laurie Metcalf)was from Roseanne.   And that they were accomplished stage actresses.  Perhaps that explains why this was so good.



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